Audio Books

If you spend more time driving or spend more time doing other task and don’t have time for reading and prefer listening something rather than reading than you are the best candidate for audio books.

Audiobooks are a voice recording of the text of books. Though audio books are new in the digital form as compared to the old audio technologies, the origin can be traced back to the 1930 ’s. Audiobooks gained popularity in India a little later compared to the rest of the world. In 2010 Audiobooks became popular in India.

Producing an audiobook consist of a narrator sitting in a recording booth reading the text, while a studio engineer and a director record and direct the performance.
Audiobooks are available on different audio formats such as CD ’s, MP3, WMP, etc. Audiobooks are also very useful for blind people.

In today’s busy world audio books are considered very valuable because of its application. One can listen to it even while performing other tasks, this will help people in utilizing maximum time and work more.
Audiobooks are future and will be a revolution to use as a primary application.