This Is Not Your Story by Savi Sharma

This Is Not Your Story by Savi Sharma

Review – 3.5/5

An upcoming Indian writer Savi Sharma who completed her chartered accountancy (CA) and yet did not find peace in her work wrote her second edition of the book called This is not your story. I read this book a month ago and could connect to it very well. Writer Savi Sharma in her book depicts a free as well as a non-progressive ideal scenario of an Indian family. This is a great book and a motivational read for the Indian audience.


This is not your story as the title speaks, the story she is talking about is the story of life. The story starts in Jaipur. The book involves four major characters – Shaurya, Miraya, Anubhav and Kasturi. Shaurya is a boy who wants to follow the career of his choice but is pulled back by his family. Kasturi an MBA student, lives in the same building shaurya does. Miraya is Kasturi’s sister and an interior designer from Mumbai. Anubhav is a businessman in  Bangalore. While these three are together in the story Anubhav meets them later on in the story.

There are various things that shaurya and Anubhav do where at a point they both meet. At this point, one is destroyed mentally and physically even after having everything and the other is also destroyed mentally even after having nothing.

The book also gives a message of living your dreams.

It tells us that in the world of competition today it is very important to live your dream and even more important to chase it. Losing hope is very easy. Giving up is even easier. But have you ever tried dealing with problems? Have you ever tried to face your problems? Of course, it’s never easy to do so, it never was but what’s important is trying.

Your story is much more beautiful and in the end, everything will be fine. Not everyone gets a second chance. This is your story and you’re the writer of your own story. Write the best one.


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