Funny anecdotes of Mark Twain

When you finish reading a book, that is not the end of the journey. It’s only the beginning. You research about the book, read reviews, even write few. But above all, you are interested in the author. You google them, you read them, you stalk them, you worship them and you read all the books they have written. To celebrate this healthy author obsession, we are starting a series where every Monday we will bring you anecdotes, snippets of information from various authors’ lives.



One day during a lecture tour, Mark Twain entered a local barber shop for a shave. This, Twain told the barber, was his first visit to the town.

“You’ve chosen a good time to come,” he declared.
“Oh?” Twain replied.
“Mark Twain is going to lecture here tonight. You’ll want to go, I suppose?”
“I guess so…”
“Have you bought your ticket yet?”
“No, not yet.”
“Well, it’s sold out, so you’ll have to stand.”
“Just my luck,” said Twain with a sigh. “I always have to stand when that fellow lectures!”

* * *

Among his volumes of fan mail, Twain often found photographs of men claiming to be his double. By way of reply, he would send the following form letter:

“My dear Sir, I thank you very much for your letter and your photograph, In my opinion you are more like me than any other of my numerous doubles. I may even say that you resemble me more closely than I do myself. In fact, I intend to use your picture to shave by. Yours thankfully, S. Clemens.”

* * *

Mark Twain did much of his writing in bed, irrespective of the time. One day, his wife entered the bedroom to inform him that a reporter had arrived to conduct an interview.

When Twain made no effort to get out of bed, she intervened: “Don’t you think it will be a little embarrassing,” she rhetorically remarked, “for him to find you in bed?” “Why, if you think so, Livy,” Twain rhetorically replied, “we could have the other bed made up for him.”

* * *

One day during his tenure as the editor of a small Missouri newspaper, Mark Twain received a letter from a reader who had found a spider in his paper. He wondered whether this portended good or bad luck.

“Finding a spider in your paper,” Twain replied, “is neither good luck nor bad. The spider was merely looking over our paper to see which merchant was not advertising so that he could go to that store, spin his web across the door, and lead a life of undisturbed peace ever afterward.”

* * *

One night a group of Mark Twain’s friends in New York, having recognized the date as that of his birth, decided to send him a suitable greeting. Unfortunately, the globe-trotting traveler was away and no one knew where he might be reached. After some deliberation, a letter was simply sent off with the address: “Mark Twain, God Knows Where.” Several weeks later a letter arrived from Twain: “He did.”



The Blue Umbrella – A Short Story By Ruskin Bond

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“Some books are so familiar, reading them is like being home again” – Louisa May Alcott

Very few books have that charisma that appeal to both kids and grownups and Ruskin Bond’s short story – The Blue Umbrella is one of them. The above quote holds a special place in my heart because we like to read books where we love to relate ourselves. This short story – The Blue Umbrella belongs to that category, a memorable story whose magic will keep on enchanting the readers for generations. Published in 1980, this short story is written by Ruskin Bond whose stories are more connected to hilly areas like Himachal Pradesh. The premise of this story is set in a small village of Himachal Pradesh where a poor little girl named Binya is smitten to a beautiful blue umbrella owned by a rich family. She trades off her leopard claw necklace…

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Why is donation of books important?

I love books, and I live them. For years now they have been my companion through tough and good times alike. How did I inculcate the habit of reading? For that, I am grateful to my parents for buying me those fairy tale stories when I was young. From then the journey began which has yet not ended, and I hope it won’t. There were times when I used to spend my entire monthly pocket money in the first week itself to buy books. It was a hobby, it was an addiction. A habit which proved to be more than useful to me. It improved my writing as well as communicative skills. My vocabulary improved considerably. I had a chance of proper education. I am grateful I had the chance to read.

It was pretty simple actually; I wanted to read books and I had resources to buy them. But, is every person that lucky? I say lucky because I was blessed as my  basic needs were fulfilled. It helped me flourish into a better person. My views improved, I had relevant opinions to offer on the current state of affairs.

Does every child has the resource to fulfill his or her dreams? I am afraid not. Give them a chance to fulfill these dreams, a chance to read, a chance to construct a better future. Help us reach out to those with lesser resources along with your aid. Donate your old and new books, academic textbooks, and even blank notebooks.


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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Mother- A person who wants the best for her kids. A person who strives hard to fulfill her children’s wishes. A person who puts her kids’ needs ahead of her. A person who provides her kids with the best that is available, even if she hadn’t received such care in her childhood, even if there are limited resources. And if she is unable to read, she will still help and motivate her kids.
On this day, I am very grateful and thankful to my mother for encouraging my habit of reading.
We, at Book Share India, help fulfill such dreams by providing children with books donated by you. Help us realize their dreams.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Support Book Share India in this noble cause.

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Books in a cardboard box
Several old and new books in a cardboard box. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for DONATION

We are launching our website on 8th May, this Sunday. So we thought we would enlighten you all about our initiative in detail. It will solve all your questions and help you with any queries.

What is the general idea?
When you want to donate your books, we will help you with it by making the process simpler.

Where to donate your books?
All over Mumbai we have established various Donation Points where you can donate your books.

What are donation points?
Various bookstores, stationery shops etc are our Donation Points. You have to visit the nearby store and donate your books.

What types of books can you donate?
You can donate any old and new novels, academic books,children’s books and even blank notebooks!

What do you need to do?
You just need to visit our website, look at the nearby donation centers, list down your books which you wish to donate and drop them at the selected donation center.

How does this work?
We will visit the Donation points every few days. The books you have left at the stores will be collected by us and stored at our warehouse before handing it over to the NGOs.

What will we do with the books we collect?
The books collected by us will be handed over to various NGOs. They will distribute it to the underprivileged.

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