Audio Books

If you spend more time driving or spend more time doing other task and don’t have time for reading and prefer listening something rather than reading than you are the best candidate for audio books.

Audiobooks are a voice recording of the text of books. Though audio books are new in the digital form as compared to the old audio technologies, the origin can be traced back to the 1930 ’s. Audiobooks gained popularity in India a little later compared to the rest of the world. In 2010 Audiobooks became popular in India.

Producing an audiobook consist of a narrator sitting in a recording booth reading the text, while a studio engineer and a director record and direct the performance.
Audiobooks are available on different audio formats such as CD ’s, MP3, WMP, etc. Audiobooks are also very useful for blind people.

In today’s busy world audio books are considered very valuable because of its application. One can listen to it even while performing other tasks, this will help people in utilizing maximum time and work more.
Audiobooks are future and will be a revolution to use as a primary application.



All Yours, Stranger by Novoneel Chakraborty

All Yours, Stranger by Novoneel Chakraborty

Review – 4/5

Mini is still disturbed about her previous encounters with the stranger. The stranger seems to be passive for some time but he swings back into action as soon as Mini makes a mistake which she cannot be corrected in any way.images.jpg

Also, the stranger soon reveals her about Mini’s classmate Hiya Chowdhary.  Strangely Mini remembers nothing about her. She struggles to put all the clues together and find more about her; how Hiya is related to her and all the strange things happening to her. Meanwhile, the stranger slowly starts messing up her personal and professional lives. Will she able to decode about the stranger or there is more to go?

A reader will surely again be in two minds about stranger’s character; he is helping Mini but on the other messing up her life. Maybe this is one element that keeps the reader’s interest intact. Also not to forget stranger’s beautiful, philosophical words that he pours out occasionally to help Mini. Thrill just gets better!

This Is Not Your Story by Savi Sharma

This Is Not Your Story by Savi Sharma

Review – 3.5/5

An upcoming Indian writer Savi Sharma who completed her chartered accountancy (CA) and yet did not find peace in her work wrote her second edition of the book called This is not your story. I read this book a month ago and could connect to it very well. Writer Savi Sharma in her book depicts a free as well as a non-progressive ideal scenario of an Indian family. This is a great book and a motivational read for the Indian audience.


This is not your story as the title speaks, the story she is talking about is the story of life. The story starts in Jaipur. The book involves four major characters – Shaurya, Miraya, Anubhav and Kasturi. Shaurya is a boy who wants to follow the career of his choice but is pulled back by his family. Kasturi an MBA student, lives in the same building shaurya does. Miraya is Kasturi’s sister and an interior designer from Mumbai. Anubhav is a businessman in  Bangalore. While these three are together in the story Anubhav meets them later on in the story.

There are various things that shaurya and Anubhav do where at a point they both meet. At this point, one is destroyed mentally and physically even after having everything and the other is also destroyed mentally even after having nothing.

The book also gives a message of living your dreams.

It tells us that in the world of competition today it is very important to live your dream and even more important to chase it. Losing hope is very easy. Giving up is even easier. But have you ever tried dealing with problems? Have you ever tried to face your problems? Of course, it’s never easy to do so, it never was but what’s important is trying.

Your story is much more beautiful and in the end, everything will be fine. Not everyone gets a second chance. This is your story and you’re the writer of your own story. Write the best one.

To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee

To kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee

Review – 4.5/5

The novel is about two children, Jem and Scout Finch, living in a fictional southern U.S town, Maycomb, trying to understand the world, through their principled father Atticus Finch and the events that affect them and their neighbourhood.

images (1).jpg

The town is steeped in racial and other prejudices. Atticus is a lawyer while most of the neighborhood is made of farmers. All is well till atticus takes up a case to defend An innocent, black man- Tom Robinson, who has been falsely accused of raping a white girl. Much to the children’s surprise and shock, they along with their father, are forced to face sudden hostility from their neighbors and friends as their father solely tries to defend a black man. Whether their father wins or loses the case, regains the good opinion of the town, and what the children learn (or more importantly, unlearn and relearn) from the events and the repercussions form the rest of the story.

Under the Net by Iris Murdoch

Under the Net by Iris Murdoch

Review – 4/5  

This is an english fiction novel of what Jake Donaghue goes through before he finds a new place to live when Madge kicks him our- along with his friend Finn- for the sake of Sacred Sammy Starfield, fabulous bookie and spiv.


Jake and Finn first turn to Dave, a philosopher friend; then Jake goes on to Anna, an old flame whom he possibly really loves; and Anna hands him on to her sister, Sadie, a serpentine film actress who probably loves him, and from whom he escapes. He also runs into an Independent Socialist leader, and finally, Hugo Belfounder, a sort of “natural” man. The adventures are very funny indeed, but the philosophical implications are less so. It is one of those novels in which a lot more is meant to have been said than actually ever is. In spite of this, there are many hilarious scenes during many fantastic escapades- when Sammy and Jake spend an afternoon playing the horses, or when Jake and Finn steal an acting dog — and there is always a nice sense of place- in varying sectors of London and Paris. In other words, take the fun and let the moral go.

Marry Me Stranger by Novoneel Chakraborty

Marry Me Stranger by Novoneel Chakraborty

Review – 3.5/5

Rivannah Banerjee (Mini) an ambitious, brilliant girl from Kolkata has managed to grab her dream job via campus placement programme. She moves to Mumbai to pursue her career.


Things seem to be perfect till and unfortunate character; A stranger enters Mini’s life. The person stalks her and has managed to acquire Mini’s most intimate secrets.  There is just a voice; a voice that is threatening and commanding. The stranger helps Mini a lot but as the stranger says “Noting comes for free”, the stranger makes Mini return the favor.  He forces her to do certain tasks which seems to be simple but not doing it puts Mini into deep trouble.  Frustrated and scared, Mini finally approaches police for help.

The story has been amazingly carved out. As each page progress, suspense makes its way into your mind. The author surely knows to hold reader’s interest. The stranger seems to be a typical blackmailer, but of the helping kind. And ofcourse along with Mini, you’ll start wondering about the stranger’s identity.

If you concentrate and try capture the essence of the storyline, surely you’ll love this book.

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Review – 4.5/5

Brave New World as the name suggests is a world that is brave and free from all its struggle. This book describes a future that is perfect in all its sense.  A future where science and technology has reached its acme. A future where machines have progressed to a stage where they have revolutionized the human society. A reality that is different and advanced. A world where the normal mode of transportation used by people are helicopters.


The author beautifully puts forward his imagination to what a future like that could be and how the human mind can be revolutionized. This book also gives me the idea that as time passes by humans are becoming more and more on machines and if this dependence continues we are not very far from becoming the type of world predicted in this book. Although this may sound interesting but living in a world like that would be scary.

I think  that this book should  be read by people  so that they understand  the importance  of nature  and its existence  in human  society  as a world  runned by machines would  rather  be a scary  one.